Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Why I prefer Firefox for mobile browsing?

So I always had a bias for Firefox for desktop. First reason was because that was what I was introduced as first ad-free & free browser back in early 2000 by my friend. Then I found many & used many. But lately I believe Firefox is becoming my only choice for mobile(android) browsing. The reasons would be like these -

1. It's fully featured & free.
2. Customisable
3. Adblock extension/s

Lately some browsers are giving adblockers inbuilt. But they aren't as effective as uBlock provided by Firefox android version.

Now, why the sudden mumbling about Firefox on mobile? Because if you are browsing from mobile I will suggest you to use it to avoid the ads on this blog. The ads here are only exclusively from Google. So should be safe. But if you want to avoid these, just use Firefox on mobile. On PC every broswer has options to opt out advertisements.

In case you don't mind few advertisements, do keep them there for the help of the site.

Firefox android (built in uBlock) - Google playstore

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