Friday, November 13, 2020

Make Transparent Taskbar on Windows 10!

 Being conservative about my PC from the very beginning, I am one of those very people who was stuck with Windows XP till Windows 7 was here, skipping Vista altogether. Then same with Windows 10. I waited till early 2020 to switch to Windows 10. So I was late to W10 party. But frankly the experience in W10 is better than W8 or 8.1 for me. I am ok with almost anything with Windows 10 appearance apart from the opaque Taskbar. I have a huge desktop wallpaper collection & I like to get them changed periodically. So getting them in kinda cropped look in W10 was bugging me for a while. So I opted for "TranslucentBT", an opensource app available through Microsoft store for free. It among other functions, makes your Taskbar transparent, which suits my requirement just fine.


Github page of TranslucentBT - Link

Microsoft Store page - Link

(better get it from your windows 10 store directly) 


Here is the description of TranslucentBT from their Github page -

A lightweight (uses a few MB of RAM and almost no CPU) utility that makes the Windows taskbar translucent/transparent on Windows 10.

  • Advanced color picker supporting alpha and live preview to change the taskbar's color.
  • Taskbar states (choose one - color can be customized on every state except Normal):
    • Blur: Will make the taskbar slightly blurred.
    • Clear: Transparent taskbar.
    • Normal: Regular Windows style. (as if TranslucentTB was not running)
    • Opaque: No transparency.
    • Fluent: Windows 10 April 2018 update and up only. Will give the taskbar an appearance similar to Microsoft's Fluent Design guidelines.
  • Dynamic modes (these can be used together and each of them provides a taskbar state and color you can customize):
    • Dynamic Windows: Will change the taskbar to a different appearance if a window is currently maximized.
    • Dynamic Start Menu: Will change the taskbar appearance when the start menu is opened.
    • Dynamic Cortana: Will change the taskbar appearance when Cortana (or the search menu if Cortana is disabled) is open.
    • Dynamic Timeline/Task View: Will change the taskbar apperance when the Timeline (or Task View on older builds) is open.
  • Ability to show or hide the Aero Peek button. Can be customized at will or dynamic.


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