Saturday, November 14, 2020

AFK Arena - Best game to play leisurely for me

 AFk Arena is a game by LilithGames. This is the second game I keep playing everyday for about 2 years now. This is a gacha game, where you collect Heroes/characters to progress in the PVE aspect of the game as well as PVP. The game is good looking, very smooth, constantly updated & fixed, the developers follow player base to keep up-to-date with the development. But the real best part of this incredible MMORPG is the time it takes out of your daily routine. Apart from some events & special occasions in a fortnight or more, whether you are a paying or non paying player, it takes an hour at best to be done with daily activities. Most of the days, it takes 30 minutes & I can log in on next day.

The next best part of the game is the lack of bottleneck for free to play(F2P) players & the possibility to play secluded without being worried about others at all. Yes, there are things in this game you can buy & progress a lot in a very short time. But from my personal experience the higher level PVE or PVP either needs insane amounts of money or insane luck to be able to compete in. So for any average or casual player, some basic VIP level & some spending every few weeks will be more than enough. Even as F2P you can reach the end game & I must emphasize quite easily just not as much fast.

Here is an incredible reddit community for English speakers: Reddit Link

Here is a gallery of in game images you might like to see (Imgur gallery)

AFK Arena for

As much as I wanted to post my own in game pictures, I kept messing up so added 2 from playstore(first 2). These will give you honest enough idea how it looks. But the actual gameplay is lot more interesting than it looks. I will post further game updates with my own images(only). I am quite lazy at this game, wait a lot to clear content to get lazy people rewards as well. I am still pretty far ahead with my antiques.

Here is the link for the game - Google Playstore - iOS

Furthermore, AFK Arena allows users to use emulators to play on PC. I will discuss best options for emulators in another topic. But playing on PC helps a lot of players.

I will post about this beloved game of mine time to time again with updates.

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