Thursday, November 12, 2020

Currently Watching: Warrior (Cinemax) - worth watching for Martial Arts fans!

I was an avid fan of Kung Fu movies at my teenage years. Iron Monkey (imdb) was one of my first & favorite. I watched many since then, transitioned into manga, anime & many things worth another topic or more. But after so many years, this series with no super powers, crazy casting or sci-fi magic has successfully renewed my martial arts passion. Warrior is running its 2nd season at the time I am writing about it. Being a fan of binge watching completed season of any TV show, I avoided watching it last year & caught up now. Here is a trailer of 1st season -
Now the series is made from original work of Bruce Lee (Wiki: Warrior). The actors in it & the whole production team made it so good looking, enchanting & very modern in a 19th century backdrop that I would imagine Bruce Lee would have been extremely proud if he was alive today. Without spoiling it for anyone I will say the language changing part is particularly brilliant. The second season Trailer is here -
A show I am currently watching & catching up with season 2. If you are a fan of martial arts & good storytelling, you will love this.

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