Sunday, November 15, 2020

Summoners War: Sky Arena - The game I am playing for the longest time

 Summoners War: Sky Arena or only Summoners War(SW) as we like to call it is a game by a Korea based company named com2us. This an unit based gacha game with incredibly diverse ways to upgrade & keep yourselves engaged. I started the game in June, 2017. Still kinda regret the fact that I started the game quite late & after spending a ton in various games upto that very point.

This game is hugely popular in its 6th year of release & has one of the most competitive developers at its back. The gameplay is as I said diverse. It allows you to play like a lone wolf, upgrading stuffs, be yourself & don't care about anything or anyone or, be very competitive, beat everyone & keep trying to best every other player. Again I will post some in game screenshot as I see fit in my future posts about this game. For now I will post some images from the google search for a primary impression (credits to the people who took it from their respective game).

Summoners War: Sky Arena on

The very active reddit community of this game - Here

Playstore links - Google - iOS

I am a F2P player at this game. Had a promise made that I would start spending if I get a good Light & Dark(LnD) nat5. I got 1, but it's not good considered everything. So I am still F2P. Honestly right now I am addicted being F2P even after spending in all those games before SW. But, if you are staring late or want to progress faster, a little bit of spending in summoners war will get you a good boost.

The game keeps getting updated with new contents & characters very often. The community or playerbase is very active too & as such you can find numerous help on YouTube, Reddit or Twitch for any content of the game you are curious about(in almost any language too). There are 6 different servers of the game as well for convenience of the people from different parts of the world. Hope you all like the game too if you start it.

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