Friday, November 13, 2020

Google Photos unlimited stoarge discontinued! Get your offline backups in order

 Did you catch the news? Google photos is discontinuing free storage of our "High Quality Photos/Videos". This is the mail I received

So, our little free storage for every precious moment is ending on May 30th 2021. 2020 is getting better with good news everyday. Well get your hard storage devices ready unless you have plans to buy the storage from google. I am not sure how much I will need to buy if it comes to that. Since I always kept 1 backup on my portable hard disk, I will keep it up to date for safety. If you do intensive photography on mobile & your mail id is used for other works requiring storage as well, better deactivate photos app on your phone before 1st June, 2021. You can start afresh again after you are sure about the storage you are buying or using etc. For now, I feel, it would be safer to keep your backups secure.

Additionally, if you are using "Google Pixel 5" or earlier device/s the free will continue. So all the above information is meant for non pixel users.

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