Thursday, November 12, 2020

Let's discuss the Pandemic

We are having an experience of lifetime people! We have a pandemic going on! The first of it's kind in more than 100 year(last was in 1918 - Spanish Flu). Well, I do understand why some people around the world either don't believe corona is a thing or any serious issue. We prefer things we saw with our eyes or experience ourselves.

Honestly this topic may not suit you if you are one of those few. But for the rest, there is a serious pandemic going on. According to Worldometer (link) currently "52,441,392" cases, "14,474,157" active cases & "1,289,752" deaths reported worldwide. 

I thought about posting this in my blog for primarily because 2 reasons. 1. I can avoid too much attention & still warn people about things I feel harmful; 2. I need to vent my frustration somewhere. 

So, if you are like me, from an area/country/state where people are nearly careless about any pandemic going on or how they could cause irreversible harm(if not death) to themselves, their family & friends, try to seclude yourselves as much as you can right now. Moreover you may observe how your local authority is allowing everything to open up, allowing people to gather & announcing declining corona numbers/deaths everyday. 

Here are some of my experiences - 

  1. Some working healthcare friends of mine has developed scars in their lungs. Most of them aren't sure if they will heal, worsen or what will happen. I haven't heard of any nerological footprint from my limited contacts in healthcare. But I heard that is a possibility. 
  2. The facilities to treat corona patients has been increasing but the corona numbers are decreasing. 
  3. There were barely a handful of corona patients in our city. Now the corona numbers decreasing etc but my locality itself has few families suffering from corona. 
  4. People aren't willing to follow corona norms/social distancing/use of masks. Some are forced to. But most breaking those whenever they feel like superman. 

Some facts till date from from various sources -  

Why this topic then? Because if there is still some who are just getting bored of their abnormal captivity due to the length of it & lacking moral support from people surrounding you but know the reason behind it, here is your reloaded version of reasons to stay safe, stay home & keep your family healthy after 11 months of Corona pandemic.

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