Wednesday, November 11, 2020

So what happened till now (2013 to November 2020)

So what happened in these long 7 years? Most of it went into securing future aka earning money. Additionally, I was playing games, yes games on mobile & PC. I have always been a fan of technology. Assembled my PC, upgraded it etc. But gaming took my attention due to my job. I could somewhat keep a balance between my earning & my little bit hunger for using my brain with games that would require some sort of planning or engaging one's mind to improve. Few such games are still part of my daily activities. Sooner or later I will definitely post about those games as well. 

This time around I am not really worried about what sort of content be posted here in my blog. For all I care, why not everything? Well except porn & very specific political agendas I will cover everything that comes to my mind. Some people may like some, some won't. 

So, what else happened in this long 7 years. My friend died. My childhood friend, who was part of almost all my adult decisions. He died & left me the biggest void I was never prepared for. Honestly right now, at 11th month of Corona pandemic, I am still hurting from that loss. This blog, I intend it to become the way for me to share my ideas, plans, findings with my friend. Hope you guys can be part of it, be supportive enough to endure my occassional noobness & help fix things you find at fault.

The other important thing which was happening recently in my life, prior to corona, I was travelling lot more than usual. But that can't be happening anytime soon again as it seems.

So it's almost everything that was happening. I will update time to time if I find anything worth mentioning.

P.S. I am not originally an English speaker. If something written in weird/wrong structure do let me know.

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