Friday, November 13, 2020

Gaming, MMO & my journey!

 Being a 90s kid & brought up in a humble household with quite primitive education system in our time & society, my introduction to computers was quite late compared to most. I bought/assembled my own PC in 2006. But my introduction to internet was in 2005 through my beloved first smartphone "Nokia 6600".

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I have had Nintendo like gaming consoles to play on TV since around 1999 & I had Playstaion 1 at a point too. But the variety of games I could access or enjoy through my 6600 was 1 of a kind & paved my way to PC gaming. In 2006 after I got my first PC, the first game I installed on my PC was "Need for Speed". Didn't like NFS a lot, but it was an one of kind experience on then great GFX 6600 graphics card I had. The next game was "Rise of Nations". This game I loved & I still adore. Playing RoN with my friend over LAN & later on with other people made me like the games I play today. RoN is a game by Microsoft & the extended + HD version was released in early 2018 if anyone is interested. There are 3 similar games of RoN type, RoN, "Rise of Legends" & "Age of Mytholgy". All 3 are very much enjoyable if you can like the real time strategy type of games. Now let's go into browser games.

In 2011 I started playing a browser based game called "Crystal Saga". This time the love of RTS of mine evolved into MMORPG. This game was good looking, sort of escape from usual games I had till then & I started to love playing with a community. The game was from a Chinese developer but was published by "r2games" in English. Currently the game is no more as far I know. Later in 2013-14 I played another version of same game called "Crystal Legacy". Both were identical with some gameplay differences. Sadly both of those games I had to quit with some bitterness. But while they lasted, the experience was super fun! Here are some screenshots I saved over the years

Since around 2015 I started playing MMO on android devices. Since I loved RoN, "Dominations" was one of my first obvious choice. But the bottlenecks of the game got me annoyed too fast & I started playing "Castle Clash". Castle Clash is still around & is one of first few "Clash of Clans" alike games with different elements inside. I left Castle Clash in 2017 due to the obscene amount of updates the game was giving. Upto this point, I had been, for better or worse, spending money on each game I was playing online. The rush the progressions provided along with the friends & community I could be part of made it feel like more than worth. But the feelings while leaving Castle Clash was like being ripped off. So I had to play something for long run if I were to spend again. I had to be sure, that the game was worth my time to invest my earnings too. I started "Summoners War" at this very point. Summoners War is developed by com2us (Google Playstore: Link) . "Summoners War" along with "AFK Arena" are more than enough entertainment for me at this point. Both of these games are different in most aspects. But both are gacha (Wiki: Link) games. They deserve a topic of their own each & I will provide more information about both games time to time.

Summoners War


I loved & will always love playing  RTS. But I love community based MMORPGs too now. So if you guys/girls are playing those or looking for something like that share your thoughts/queries too.

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