Saturday, November 14, 2020

Bryan Adams - are you a fan?

 I am a fan! May not be the biggest or anything like that. But I was always a fan of Bryan Adams. My first experience with English pop was through a cassette of Bryan Adams my cousin owned in late 90s.

Official page of the singer:

But the point of this topic is how I am becoming bigger fan of this legend during this pandemic. From my habit of strolling through older pop & rocks in YouTube I came across the legend posting his older & newer songs he sang & recorded at his home with his phone! Although most are easily available in the platform with their original music & edits, the experience of the person performing all by himself at his home with a guitar most of the time is inexplicably awesome, nostalgic & heart warming.

If you haven't caught up with those yet or if you are somehow unfamiliar with the singer, do check his YouTube channel. Even if you are new to his songs, I bet you will love them. I can keep humming "summer of 69" or "straight from the heart" throughout the day when I am in such mood.

YouTube Channel - Link

Here is "Please forgive Me" from YouTube if anyone needs a reason to browse the channel


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