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Turbo (2013)

Turbo , a garden snail who grows up with a dream of becoming the fastest snail in the world.Turbo (2013) is a 3D computer-animated sports comedy film from Dream Works Animation studio. Its a story of a little garden snail named Thoe a.k.a Turbo. Thoe is greatly influenced by his all time hero Guy Gagne, the 5 time winner of Indianapolis 500. The speed loving nature is making him different from all other garden snails. But this passion is the only thing that he dreams about. Chet, the careful elder brother of Thoe is also become bothered by his brother's activities. Little Thoe always wanted to leave the place and the slow moving life of garden snails , so one day he decided to runoff from the place and on the way he just hit by a car and incidentally his DNA get mixed with nitrous oxide. From that very day he gets some power of car like speed, eyes that light up like headlights, and a shell that blinks red like taillights and makes car sounds and music from a radio. After some great adventures his dream of being a sports racer becomes true.


Director : David Soren
Producor : Lisa Stewart
Writter : David Soren,Robert Siegel,Darren Lemke
Starring : Ryan Reynolds,Paul Giamatti,Michael Peña,Snoop Dogg,Maya Rudolph,Michelle Rodriguez,Samuel L. Jackson
Music : Henry Jackman
Cinematography : Chris Stover
Editing : James Ryan
Studio : Dream Works Animation
Distributer : 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) :
June 24, 2013 (CineEurope, Barcelona)
July 17, 2013 (United States)
Running time : 96 minutes
Country : United States
Language : English
imdb :

Screenshots :

Voice Cast :

Ryan Reynolds as Theo aka Turbo, a garden snail who dreams of becoming a racer.
Paul Giamatti as Chet, Turbo's brother
Michael Peña as Tito, a "Dos Bros" taco truck driver who finds and befriends Turbo
Snoop Dogg as Smoove Move, a snail
Maya Rudolph as Burn, a snail and Turbo's love interest
Michelle Rodriguez as Paz, a car mechanic
Samuel L. Jackson as Whiplash, a snail leader
Luis Guzmán as Angelo, Tito's brother and a "Dos Bros" taco truck driver
Bill Hader as Guy Gagne, a French-Canadian Indy 500 champion
Richard Jenkins as Bobby, a shopkeeper
Ken Jeong as Kim-Ly, a shopkeeper
Ben Schwartz as Skidmark, a snail
Kurtwood Smith as TBA
Michael Bell as White Shadow, a snail
Dario Franchitti
Will Power
Mario Andretti as an Indianapolis Motor Speedway traffic director
Paul Page as a booth announcer

Trailer :

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