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Kingdom Under Fire II

Kingdom Under is a great game having role playing ,real-time strategy and massively multiplayer online game at the sametime. It has both of single and online multiplayer mode. The story begins from post crusaders war (The War of Power)when worlds atmospheric balance was changed due to the different disaster. Some place become unreachable due to the uplift of several mountain ranges that were formed by the great diastrophism made all existing means of transportation useless. The king and his men lost kingdom and then they had to become independent to protect themselves from the Encablossian creatures that had made their way to the Bersian continent through a dimensional rift. The kingdom of Hironeiden,were generating their power through gathering several races together to form the Human Alliance. On the other hand the kingdom of Hexter,Vellond and Kaedes which are the evil group are also generating their power in a short period of time.At present, their influence being a member of Human Alliance stretches all the way to the southern part of Bersia, and they're building new villages near the Riftwick mountains which had been left unoccupied seeking to expand their territory to the East. Because of the fear of getting retaliated by other races, the towns like these declared themselves as neutral allowing outsiders to enter them. However, little do they know that these towns are actually being used to station military soldiers disguised as guards.

Kingdom Under Fire II@.NeXT

Developer(s): Blueside,Phantagram
Series: Kingdom Under Fire
Platform(s) : Windows, PlayStation 3
Release date(s) : July,2013
Genre(s) : Real-time strategy
Mode(s) :Multiplayer

Screenshots :

Plot :


A sheikdom, Hironeiden is the most powerful nation in the Human Alliance right now. It has a long history that even goes back before the Great Diastrophism, and has been playing the role of shield for Human Alliance against the Orks from Hexter for a long time. There were dark days for this nation when they became the vessel state of Ecclesia in the result of the first War of Heroes, but they never rested in rebuilding the nation, and as a result, they successfully managed to climb up to the leading position in the Human Alliance.


Ecclesia is a nation built upon religion and is also at the heart of the religion of Ecclesia. It is the oldest human nation built during the Age of Light and their history goes back 1,500 years. They have deep pride in their culture and history.
Once the most powerful nation in the past, their power was reduced significantly during the Advent War, and now they're in the process of rebuilding themselves. In the nation of Ecclesia, people are taught it's important to maintain the purity of human race and they prohibit any interaction with any other races other than with their own kind. They adopted this kind of doctrine after going through battles with the Dark Elves, and because of this very doctrine, they even had the elves and the dwarves enemies turned against each other. For these reasons, they're behind Hironeiden and Azilia in terms of magic and technology although there was a point where these two lagged behind.

Before the Advent War, they could make up for such disadvantages with their outstanding nights and clerics, but most of them were lost after the campaign of holy land followed by the rise of Encablossa. As a result, the nation was put under the protection of Hironeiden, which came as a great humiliation to them. They've been trying to bring back the powerful knightage they once enjoyed. Their main activities involve reclaiming the northern part of Eclessia which is now occupied by Encablossians. The people that are doing the activities to regain this area don't have many weapons and are behind in technology. However, they're armored with their devotion to their religion and always ready to die in a battle.

They're also dispatching their military groups to every corner of Bersia to get the continent rid of all the evil spirits and devils who have been wreaking havoc everywhere after appearing out of nowhere subsequent to the end of the Great Diastrophism, People call these military groups the inquisitors.


Hexter refers to the wasteland located in the southeastern part of Bersia that is occupied by the orks. Hexter can mean two things, the wasteland that's located in the southeastern part of the continent, and the orks that are living in it. In terms of the land itself, Hexter is literally a complete wasteland. Only the sands and rocks can be found wherever you go, and its dry wind takes away even the last drop of water that's left in this bleak land. The most common races that are found in Hexter are the orks and ogres who are the original settlers, and also the longest residents in this land, followed by the dark elves, most of whom are concentrated in the big cities. Most of the dark elves here came to settle during the Waldemar era, and they are the ones that built the castles like Kapellen and taught the orks their culture and technology. When everyone thought this land was useless, mineral resources began to be found, which turned Hexter into a land of opportunity overnight, and all the nations in the continent came here hoping to get a taste of it. The orks see these outsiders as their pray, and as a result, war became a part of their daily life. It seems the peace is still far from being achieved as the region doesn't appear to be getting out of the chaos anytime soon.


The origin of this nation traces back to the secret society formed by the dark elves, whose name has been carried down to present day and eventually became the nation's name. The dark elves that formed this society had originally resided in Vellond, but to them, it was a great shame to live under the control of the half-vampires who they consider, are of lower status. Their main objective is to build an independent sovereignty for their own race, the self-acclaimed holy race. They rebelled against the half-vampires during the Advent War but they were disorganized and divided among themselves. For these reasons, their attempt eventually ended up being a failure as they were divided into pro-Vellond group and anti-Vellond group. The anti-Vellond group built their own nation but it was gradually weakened by the continuous attacks from Vellond. At the end, they were left with no choice but to flee to a remote area located in Hexter. When it seemed as though the end was near for them, they came across a mysterious old remain. Nobody knew who built this let alone when it was built, but it was clear that it was controlled by magical power and still kept many ancient technologies that had long been forgotten. The dark-elves of Kaedes is gradually regaining their power and now anticipate the return of the glory days they once had amid this remain. Although the nation is now a lot stronger than before, it is still nowhere near the level Vellond or Hironeiden is at. Vellond is as powerful as ever, and Hironeiden is no walk in the park either.


Unlike the original creatures from Encablossa that were born in the Dark Dimension, Encablossians are originally from Bersia. Their body was mutated in the dark dimension after being swept into it by the black hole that suddenly appeared during the war amid the changing age, and evolved themselves into something suitable to live in the environment. It was around the time the Great Diastrophism just ended that they appeared in the Age of Light. According to them, they were being trained to be soldiers that would fight in the invasion on the Age of Light just like any other subordinates of Encablossa. However, little did they know that they were destined to be disposed in the course of dimensional change, which was unavoidable regardless of the outcome of the war against the Age of Light. (From :

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