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KeePass 2.23

Now a days we use thousands of password and also have to remember them . KeePass 1.26 is a freeware to get rid of remembering so many passwords. Its a open source password manger to manage all passwords in a secure way. All you need to do is to put all your passwords in a database which is locked by a single master code. The data base is using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish). So with this app you don't need to remember lots of passwords. Remember only one passwords and life becomes easy and tension free.

KeePass 1.26@.NeXT

Filename: KeePass-2.23-Setup.exe
File size: 2.37 MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: en-US
License: Open Source

Features :
  • Strong Security
  • Multiple User Keys
  • Portable and No Installation Required, Accessibility
  • Export To TXT, HTML, XML and CSV Files
  • Import From Many File Formats
  • Easy Database Transfer
  • Support of Password Groups
  • Time Fields and Entry Attachments
  • Auto-Type, Global Auto-Type Hot Key and Drag&Drop
  • Intuitive and Secure Clipboard Handling
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Strong Random Password Generator
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Open Source

New in This Version :

New Features:

  • New password quality estimation algorithm.
  • Added toolbar buttons: 'Open URL(s)', 'Copy URL(s) to Clipboard' and 'Perform Auto-Type'.
  • Added 'Generate Password' command in the context menu of the KeePass system tray icon.
  • Added 'Copy history' option in the entry duplication dialog (enabled by default).
  • Added 'Duplicate Group' context menu command.
  • In the MRU list, currently opened files now have an '[Opened]' suffix and are blue.
  • When a dialog is displayed, (double) clicking the KeePass system tray icon now activates the dialog.
  • Added {T-REPLACE-RX:...} placeholder, which replaces text using a regular expression.
  • Added {VKEY-NX X} and {VKEY-EX X} special key codes.
  • Added 'Perform auto-type with selected entry' trigger action.
  • Added 'Import into active database' trigger action.
  • Mozilla Bookmarks HTML import: added support for groups, bookmark descriptions and icons.
  • Mozilla Bookmarks JSON import: bookmark descriptions are now imported into the note fields of entries.
  • RoboForm import: added support for the new file format.
  • Added support for importing Network Password Manager 4.0 CSV files.
  • Enhanced SafeWallet XML importer to additionally support importing web entries and groups from very old export file versions (for newer versions this was already supported).
  • Added database repair mode warning.
  • Added option to accept invalid SSL certificates (turned off by default).
  • Added user activity notification event for plugins.
  • File transactions for FTP URLs are now always disabled when running under .NET 4.0 in order to workaround .NET bug 621450.
  • Added workaround for Mono list view item selection bug.
  • Added workaround for Mono bug 649266; minimizing to tray now removes the task bar item and restoring does not result in a broken window anymore.
  • Added workaround for Mono bug 5795; text and selections in password boxes are now drawn properly (a monospace font can only be used on Windows due to the bug).
  • Added workaround for Mono bug 12525; dialog banners are now drawn correctly again.
  • Added workaround for Mono form loading bug.
  • KPScript: added 'Import' command.
  • KPScript: the 'ListEntries' command now also outputs date/time fields of entries.

Improvements / Changes:

  • When the option for remembering the last used database is enabled, KeePass now remembers the last active database (instead of the last opened or saved database).
  • The 'Add Group' command and the F2 key in the groups tree view now open the group editing dialog; in-place tree node label editing is disabled.
  • Custom string and plugin-provided columns in the 'Configure Columns' dialog are sorted alphabetically now.
  • Improved behavior when closing inactive databases.
  • Improved support for trigger actions during database closing.
  • The 'Special' GUI character set now includes '|' and '~'.
  • The 'High ANSI' character set now consists of the range [U+0080, U+00FF] except control and non-printable characters.
  • The options dialog is now listed in the task bar when it is opened while KeePass is minimized to the system tray.
  • A remembered user account usage state can now be preset even when the user account option is disabled using key prompt configuration flags.
  • Improved initial input focus in key creation/prompt dialogs when key creation/prompt configuration flags are specified.
  • During synchronization, the status dialog is now closed after all files have been saved.
  • Improved behavior of the global KeePass activation hot key when a dialog is displayed.
  • Changed auto-type command icon.
  • Shortened product name in main window title.
  • Improved data URI validation.
  • Custom clipboard data is now encoded as data URI (with a vendor-specific MIME type).
  • Improved configuration loading performance.
  • Enhanced IO connection problem diagnostics.
  • Improved single instance checking on Unix-like systems.
  • KeePassLibC DLLs and ShInstUtil are now explicitly marked as DEP- and ASLR-compatible (like the executable file).
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • The suffixes to the 'Inherit setting from parent' options on the 'Behavior' tab of the group editing dialog now correctly show the inherited settings of the current group's parent.
  • When locked, the main window's title doesn't show the full path of the database anymore when the option 'Show full path in title bar (instead of file name only)' is turned off.
  • The status bar is now updated correctly after sorting by a column.(

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