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Dynasty Warriors 8

Dynasty Warriors is back again with all new Dynasty Warriors 8.The story is based on the Chinese writer Luo Guanzhong's historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". It is also known as Shin Sangoku Musou 7 in Japan. It have more than 77 characters featured in the game. Story mode adapts concepts from Dynasty Warriors 4's Musou Mode system. When certain conditions are met, players can unlock bonus stages within the main story branch, save a character from certain death, or gain a tactical advantage. The game will be released on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for both physical and digital release.

Dynasty Warriors 8@.NeXT

Developer(s): Omega Force
Publisher(s): Koei
Designer(s) : Koei
Series: Dynasty Warriors
Platform(s) : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Release date(s):
NA July 16, 2013
EU July 19, 2013
AUS July 25, 2013
Genre(s) : Hack and slash, Action
Mode(s) : Single-player, Multiplayer
Distribution : DVD, Blu-ray Disc

Story Mode, Free Mode, and other modes :

The story mode retains the same faction-based storyline and returns with seamless cutscenes. A new story mode for "Other" faction has been introduced in addition to the main factions' stories. Stages now have more freedom of progression for the player, unlike the previous installment, which was strongly preset in means of stage routes. A selection of characters will be offered for each stages in Story Mode, instead of controlling a pre-defined character. The story is being rewritten entirely and a new feature introduced is "hypothetical" stages, which allows players to alter the stage events and results rather than going on a pre-determined route.The game also allows a co-op play of the story mode and it can be played both offline and online. In the previous installment to the franchise, Dynasty Warriors, the story mode was only single-player.

Free mode returns for the first time since Dynasty Warriors 6 in terms of main game. Players will be given opportunity to play as an opposing faction in the stages a la Dynasty Warriors 3 and 4, instead of being forced to play in a faction as in Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends.

A new game mode, called the "Ambition Mode", has been introduced.In it, the player is tasked to create a social base for peasants called the "Tongquetai Tower" and to make Emperor Xian visit it. To raise the tower's status, the player must partake in three different kind of battles; Skirmish battles which give materials to construct the tower, Raid battles which increase fame, and Large-scale battles which can recruit new partners. Players start out with the weapon shop as their sole base facility. More can be added or expanded upon as the town gradually becomes populated with people. These include a food market, a trade shop, a menagerie, etc.

New Mechanics :

The game features new battle mechanics that rely on a new concept called 'Commander Affinity'. One of these mechanics is 'Storm Rush', a multi hitting attack that requires repeatedly pressing the attack buttons. This can be triggered when the players affinity is higher than the opponents. It is shown through a blue gauge above the opponent which decreases as you attack. Storm Rush is then initiated when the gauge is fully depleted. The other new mechanic is 'Switch Counter', a counterblow attack that allows you to avoid a hard hitting attack from an opponent while also blowing them away before switching to another weapon. This can be triggered when the players affinity is lower than the opponents. It is shown through a red exclamation mark where as the opponent does a strong attack, a marker will appear giving you the chance to counter. The last example is Rage Awakening, this mechanic is similar to the Rage system from Dynasty Warriors 5. This requires the awakening gauge to full which can be achieved by attacking enemies. When it is full, it can be initiated with R3 where the player's stats dramatically increase while the gauge slowly depletes. It also merges the players musou bars together where during this status, the player is able to perform an 'awakening musou' which is a powerful move similar to the musou from previous Dynasty Warriors games. This continues as long as the player holds the O button until the musou gauge is empty.

In the previous installment, each character could hold up to two musou attacks. In this installment, the number of musou attacks is increased to three, which in order to use all three of them, requires the player to strengthen their character.

Screenshots :

Weapon Updates :

The game retains the EX weapon system, though all characters now have unique EX weapon types, instead of sharing it with each other. Examples include Sun Jian featuring a new nine-ringed blade. This is a dao that has a total of nine rings that connect to the sword's back. The rings are able to produce sound that inflicts damage upon enemies.

The game retains the weapon-switching feature. All weapons from Dynasty Warriors 7 and its expansions return, with many new ones added. Weapon Proficiency makes a return, though the weapon seals is not, instead replaced by "Weapon Tempering" system. The system resembles the weapon fusion used in the Warriors Orochi series, in which players can combine two weapons to create a stronger one or trade three weapons to receive two stronger ones. Players can keep multiple copies of a single weapon type which may have different stats and elements on them.

A weapon's type now includes an affinity, being one of the following three elements: 天 Heaven, 地 Earth, 人 Man. With these three affinity elements, a triangular relationship connecting the three in an infinite manner determines which affinity will outdo one another. This triangular relationship is similar to Rock-paper-scissors. The relationship states that the "Heaven" affinity is effective against the "Man" affinity, the "Man" affinity is effective against the "Earth" affinity, and the "Earth" affinity is effective against the "Heaven" affinity.(From:Wikipedia)

Trailer :

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