Wednesday, June 26, 2013

PeaZip 5.0.0

PeaZip is the cute little freeware archiving tool for your packaging or extracting needs. It comes in pretty small size. The project and thus the application is totally open source. It provides easy to use GUI with 'Drag and Drop' and context menu integration. High speed, compression ratio, stability and security, relying on proven Open Source technologies from 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX and other state of art projects. Here is the latest update of this app.

PeaZIP at .NeXT

Title: PeaZip 5.0.0
Requirements: Linux, Windows
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source, Freeware
Date added: June 24, 2013
Author: Giorgio Tani
Official Site:

Release 5.0 brings a major code and design cleanup.
Most important functions are more easily accessible and most important information is more visible, either when browsing files and in archiving and extraction forms.
History menu is more powerful and complete, and bookmarks are more prominent, in order to fit at best different user's needs and usage patterns.
Adding files to archive layout is faster, and operations from Windows context menu are improved.
Settings are now simpler and completely reorganized.
System tools are always accessible from browser's context menu.
174 file extensions are now supported, PeaZip now handles .crx Google Chrome packages, .maff Mozilla archives, .mdf Alcohol 120 image files, and OPC types .cddx, and .appv Microsoft Application Virtualization files.

2013 06 23

PEA 0.44
UPX 3.09

Code cleanup

Bookmarks branch in navigation tree moved on first position, starts by default maximized and containing common useful locations
Improved breadcrumb context menu, unified with refresh menu
 features history menu
 features entries to open in specified path the system's file explorer, command prompt, new instance of PeaZip, properties, and web search
 features quick access to relevat filesystem paths (same as "Filesystem" menu top level)
Improved tasks wrapper (gwrap) for readability and clarity, explore input and output paths is now featured
Improved Settings: reorganized and simplified
Improved speed of adding items to archiving operations: by default directories' content is enumerated only on request (in layout's context menu)
Improved tool bars, added New folder button in file manager bar and Rename in image manager
Improved web search function for quick access to most relevant web resources
New history menu containing recently visited pats and archives, session history and breadcrumb of current path (also in archive/extraction interface)
System tools deduplicated and moved to context menu, always accessible, more tools available
 (Windows Vista and more recent) Added "Open PowerShell here" function
Various fixes and improvements, including
 (Windows) Added quick links to user's music, pictures, and videos folders in browsing, and archiving/extraction interfaces
 (Windows) Free disk space and % displayed in standard status bar and in archiveing/axtraction interfaces
 (Windows) Improved adding multiple items from context menu functions
 Added support for displaying thumbnails of xpm, and pgm images
 Improved accessibility to various functions like bookmarks, web search, show thumbnails, open new instance, explore path...
 Uniformed various menus and submenus so same groups of functions are easier to find at first sight

Fixed: extract to new folder now ignored in drag and drop operations consistently to how most file archivers work
Sizes of single input itmes in readable form

174 file extensions supported
added support to .crx Google Chrome extension, .maff Mozilla archive format, .mdf Alcohol 120 image files, and OPC files .cddx and .appv (Microsoft Application Virtualization)

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