Saturday, June 22, 2013

GPU-Z 0.7.2

GPU-Z the little freeware which can give almost all the information you need of your graphics card has been updated to the latest version. This application is not only small in size but a portable one too.

GPU-Z at .NeXT

Title: GPU-Z 0.7.0
Filename: GPU-Z.0.7.0.exe
File size: 1.28MB (1,344,480 bytes)
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Languages: en-US
License: Freeware
Official Site: techPowerUp

GPU-Z is a portable freeware application. It doesn't need to be installed into your system to get all the vital information for your graphics cards. It runs smoothly and pretty fast for the job. It doesn't include any readme or help file or data. It doesn't come with much of any details actually. But as it is an automated application just to leech out the graphics card name, GPU, release date and transistors, BIOS version, ROPs, memory type, and memory size so it doesn't really require to go into much details about itself.

  • Support NVIDIA and ATI cards
  • Displays adapter, GPU and display information
  • Displays overclock, default clocks and 3D clocks (if available)
  • Validation of results
  • No installation required
  • Support for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista (both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported)

Latest Changes:

- Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, Tesla K10, GT740M (GK208)
- Added support for AMD Radeon HD 8490, HD 8970M, HD 7400D
- Improved support for Intel Haswell graphics
- Added die size, transistors, release date for Haswell
- Added AMD graphics card logo
- Added translations: Greek, Portuguese (Brazil)
- Updated translation: French
- Fixed rare crash during DirectCompute detection

Download Here:

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