Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Firefox 22! Update with some trouble!?

Firefox 22 is here as expected on time. Considering the time passed since released most of the Firefox users has the update already. There are few changes in this 22 version against the older ones(check the list below). But the most prominent thing which came with the update is not any improvement! Sadly it is an awkward experience coming with the change of layout of webpages along with Firefox browser itself. It now completely follows the users' machine configuration and as such gives a bigger viewing experience for most of the users. People who were already using the beta versions must have already been familiar with this issue. But for the ones like me who use the proper releases only, it came as a surprise and made me want to get back to the earlier version until I found out the tweak to fix the problem on my end.

Firefox 22 at .NeXT

As everyone else my Firefox 22 started as a pretty big interface compared to the version 21! It will be really impolite to not say that it got me mad after so many years of Firefox experience. After coming through the hellish experience of Firefox crash while multiple tabs were open, forcing myself to keep using Firefox 7.0 until middle of the 2012, I was anticipating something similar once again. Then well of course a little bit of Googling came to fruition and I could somehow get most of my old interface back!

Here is where I got the primary idea about what was happening -

Firefox 22 Release notes:
First Topic when I searched about it ("Everything is to big on firefox"):
The Topic which actually helped me("I am using Firefox 22.0 beta version.After the update everything is zoomed in.How do i revert this?"):

The idea is to tweak your "about:config" until any fix to this is released. Searching for "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" and setting its value to "1.0" seems to make most people happy. With my configurations I had to go little further. The default value of "-1.0" to "1.0" had got my webpages fixed. The interface of the browser itself was too small for my liking though. So I had to set the value to "1.02" to make it suit myself.

Well, after all that my browser looks much similar to what it was before. Can't say I am completely satisfied but I am on the lookout if something better comes around to fix this once and for all and will update this topic accordingly.

Please share your views about this too and let's find out what improvement we can get around this together.

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