Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things you should do NeXT after getting a new PC!

So here are few things that should be considered a beginner's lesson or/& a suitable first thing to begin this new-born blog.There are 2 common types of users around when it comes to new PCs. They are -
  1. Who bought a pre-assembled branded PC(includes the most people who buys laptops)
  2. Fewer ones who assemble their PC according to their requirements!

The first thing both of these people need to look for is the Operarting System of their machine to begin anything on their newly bought key to the virtual world! The first type having most commonly a pre-installed Operating System on their machine can avoid the part to choose operating system/s for themselves. The later ones need to choose from a list of operating systems to suit them best. The common Operating Systems around the world are -

Operating Systems at .NeXT

  1. Microsoft Windows (Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 & 8)
  2. Linux (Ubuntu, Solaris etc.)
  3. Macintosh Operating System

After the OS(abbreviation of "Operating System") is decided, the next things an user may need are the applications which are either not included in their OS or, is not good enough for the task intended. The most commonly needed applications come from the following groups -

  1. Security (e.g. Internet Security, Anti Virus, Firewall, Encrypter etc.)
  2. Browser(e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome etc.)
  3. Media Players(e.g. Media Player Classic, VLC media player etc.)
  4. Codecs
  5. Download Managers
  6. Photo or video editors
  7. Applications for office related works

In most cases these above stated applications will be enough to start the journey of the limitless world you, the one reading this, already part of. I will however time to time expand the explanations to do the above mentioned things later on. So without extending this way too long I will conclude here with the hope to see your comments & additions.

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