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The Last of Us

The upcoming Naughty Dog production for Playstaion 3 and possibly PS4 is already making a good bit of hype all around the globe within gamers. Here is a bit of info we could collect before the release hits the market.

Expected Release Date: June 14, 2013
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Naughty Dog
Genre: Action
Rating: Mature
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Official Site:


According to Game Informer (Issue 227, March 2012), it has been 20 years since a fungus has been on the loose, killing people and re-animating their corpses, turning them into one of The Infected. Nature has been reclaiming its land from abandoned cities. The military has the United States under martial law and is keeping everyone in quarantine zones to stay away from the infection. The quarantine zones have many checkpoints, giving body scans for any signs of fungi. Those found with even remote traces of the fungus are euthanized.

Joel is a black market dealer within a quarantine zone that sells weapons and drugs. An unknown event occurs where Joel promises a lifelong friend that he will take care of a young girl named Ellie as they escape from the quarantine zone and go across the country starting in Boston. They go into the unprotected and previously bombed city, which was bombed to kill the infected but ultimately failed. The two are traveling throughout the United States and are being chased by the military. Joel and Tess are trying to bring Ellie to a group called the Firefly.

On the road, there are many scavengers, hunters or harmful people that are trying to look for provisions, and they see Joel and Ellie as an opportunity. The two are constantly trying to fight their way through these people to stay alive and away from the infected and the military.

Fungus :

The fungus that infects the humans in The Last of Us is based off of a real fungus called Cordyceps. In real life, the fungus infects small insects and makes the insect die after making it go to a certain elevation. It then sprouts out of the carcass of the animal and flings its spores so others can get infected.

In the game, the fungus has mutated to infect humans. The fungus has multiple stages. The first stage makes the Runners. The second makes the Clickers. The fungus eventually makes the infected sprout spores.

The fungus kills all of the people and clears out the areas that aren't quarantine zones, so the plants retake the land that used to be inhabited by humans.


  • The Last of Us PS3 Screenshot at .NeXT
  • The Last of Us PS3 Screenshot at .NeXT
  • The Last of Us PS3 Screenshot at .NeXT
  • The Last of Us PS3 Screenshot at .NeXT
  • The Last of Us PS3 Screenshot at .NeXT
  • The Last of Us PS3 Screenshot at .NeXT



Joel is the main protagonist in The Last of Us. A man in his late 40s, hardened by the atrocities and devastation left by the fungal infection, Joel works as a black market dealer within the quarantine zone, selling drugs and weapons of sorts.

According to Game Informer (Issue 227, March 2012), a traumatic event occurs within the quarantine zone that involves Ellie, Joel's companion. Joel makes a promise to a friend that he will take care of her. They become fugitives, having to deal with both dodging the military and surviving The Infected and scavengers, as they continue to travel west through the United States.
According to Naughty Dog, Joel's character is heavily influenced by Rooster Cogburn from True Grit. He is portrayed as a "violent character that has gone someplace dark. He is essentially dead inside." Teamed up with Ellie, "He gets a chance at redemption when they are introduced to this kid, this person who still has some innocence left."


Ellie is a 14-year-old female, who co-stars alongside Joel in this post-apocalyptic romp through the United States.

Having been born after the fungal infection had already collapsed modern civilization as we know it, Ellie doesn't know a life aside from the high walls of the quarantine zone she was raised in or even perpetual fear. This, of course, sparks within her an obsession with relics from the past culture, such as books and music. This, too, leads to troublesome times at the boarding house she resides in.

Something happens in her home that forces her to skip town with Joel. Together they trek west while hiding from the military and surviving other threats.

Ellie is shown to be capable, even aggressive, as she travels with Joel. At Naughty Dog's E3 2012 gameplay demo, she is seen picking up a brick and later throwing it at an enemy approaching Joel as he runs out of revolver ammo. At another point in that demo she stabs the back of another enemy who is wrestling with Joel.

According to Naughty Dog, Ellie's character is heavily influenced by Mattie Ross from True Grit. She is portrayed as a character who is "coming-of-age" and is under the protection of Joel. "When she is around Joel, she is slightly being corrupted, but in some ways being given the tools to become independent." Her attitude towards Joel is slightly sarcastic.

In the prequel comic books, she is shown going through Quarantine Zones during her younger years. She meets Riley who is determined to get her out of her path to the military. She goes through a bunch of different quarantine zones and then meets Joel; the story of The Last of Us begins.


Data taken from IGN wiki of "The Last of Us".

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