Friday, April 5, 2013

NeXT Baseball Season to be made easy by iPhone Apps!

Apple's App Store brings a set of new applications for this years baseball season. If you are a follower, a fan & knowledgeable enough then test your knowledge with an app on the rules of baseball, based on the Major League Baseball (MLB) rule book. If you're feeling nostalgic, check out an app that lets you take a tour of America's great baseball stadiums, which includes venues no longer in existence. The app includes photos as well as in-depth information on the parks and teams. If fantasy baseball or mobile baseball games are your thing, the App Store has got those covered too. From following your favorite teams, managing rosters, and keeping up with all the latest scores, scandals and news, there are enough baseball apps to fill Yankee Stadium. You can even get in on the (virtual) action with those aforementioned touch-sensitive mobile games and trivia apps.

Here are the list of 10 exciting applications :

1. MLB at the Ballpark Gets You a Good Seat (Free)

Visit your favorite MLB ballparks and keep a record, or use the app to check maps and a directory of shops and services.

2. ESPN Fantasy Baseball Puts You in Charge (Free)

Get all the information you need before your draft and to manage your teams throughout the season with ESPN's fantasy baseball app.

3. Take the Baseball Ultimate Quiz (Free)

The Baseball Ultimate Quiz app will help you bulk up on your knowledge of players, teams, stadiums and winning streaks—or losing streaks, for that matter.

4. Try Your Hand at Nine Innings: Pro Baseball 2013 (Free)

One of the best free mobile games for baseball fans, this app features all the major league teams and players—all in your pocket.

5. Baseball Rule Quiz Keeps You on the Line (Free)

With 90 questions, all based on the MLB rulebook, you can test your own knowledge or challenge your friends to see how much they really know.

6. Batter Up With At Bat (Free)

With the official app of MLB, subscribers have full access to breaking news, interactive rosters and player stats for every team.

7. Feed Your Hunger With Stadium Eats (Free)

This app allows baseball fans to check in and see what their stadiums offer in terms of cuisine, with a customizable search engine and the ability to share your favorite, ahem, menus.

8. Keep Up in the Convo with Baseballisms (99 cents)

Get your fill of baseball quotes and wisdom from the game's greatest players, including Jackie Robinson, Mike Schmidt and Carl Yastrzemski.

9. Ballpark Envi Puts Stadiums in Your Pocket (99 cents)

Take a look back to the olden days of stadium design or discover the most cutting-edge baseball venues around with this Web-based photo-heavy app.

10. Bone Up on Your Baseball Stats (2013 Edition) ($2.99)

Imagine all historical baseball player statistics immediately accessible from your iPhone. Stats from 1871 to 2009 are included, so get ready for an exhausting app.

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