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Might & Magic Heroes VI - Shades Of Darkness

Might and Magic Heroes VI - Shades of Darkness is a role playing turn based strategy game with five heirs to the Griffin dynasty , in their quests to repel a demon invasion and assist or impede Michael, a legendary Archangel general plotting to revive an ancient war.Heroes VI tells the story of the Griffin dynasty, when they were still Dukes of the Holy Empire, and not yet sitting on the Imperial throne.
The story begins from 400 years before Might and Magic Heroes V, at the time of the second Blood Moon Eclipse, and the Rise of Kha Beleth, the Demon get start with your own character and be the ancient Sovereign.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
Genre: Strategy , RPG,Turn-Based Strategy
ESRB Descriptors: Alcohol and Tobacco Reference, Mild Violence
Platform :PC, windows 7

Story :

Might and Magic Heroes VI will take place in 564 YSD, roughly some 400 years before Might and Magic Heroes V, at the time of the second Blood Moon Eclipse, and the Rise of Kha Beleth, the Demon Sovereign. A legendary Archangel General, killed during the war of the Elder races, is resurrected. Under the cover of preparations for the upcoming Demon invasion, he plots to recover his powers and take control of Ashan while eradicating his ancient enemies. He underestimates, however, the power of the all-too-human Griffin dynasty. At the dynasty’s origins, The Griffin Duke Pavel* was a zealous servant of the Light and a trusted lieutenant of the Falcon Emperor. He met his demise defending his own duchy from a Demon host summoned by the dying wish of a desperate enemy. Pavel’s heroic last stand would ensure the survival of his son, Slava, who was only a boy at the time of these events. Pavel’s sister Sveltana, who had left her homeland to become a prominent Necromancer in the Seven Cities, was called back to act as regent to Slava and educate him in the ways of the Griffin. Fifteen years and a war have past. Duke Slava of Griffin is now the father of five promising children. These are the main Heroes of the Heroes 6 campaign, and they will lead different factions to battle.


Characters :


He becomes the duke of griffin after his father assassination. From then he begins to suspect all those whose faith in Elrath, the Dragon God of Light, is not as strong as his own. Encouraged by strange voices that whisper to him in his mind, he immediately declares all forms of unorthodox worship outlawed.


Kiril, assists helplessly to the assassination of his father, Slava, the Duke of Griffin, and the subsequent execution of the presumed murderer, his twin-sister Anastasya. Overwhelmed in anger, he agrees to accompany the Angel Sarah on a dangerous mission into Sheogh, the demon prison-world.

His goal is to find for the mysterious power that is responsible for the death of his father and sister.


Anastasya is awoken by her Great Aunt Sveltana, and discovers that she has been brought back to life as an Unliving.
Apparently she had a hand in the assassination of her father Slava, the Duke of Griffin, and was executed by her own brother Anton.
Anastasya is convinced of her innocence and sets out to learn the dark arts of Necromancy in order to bring the true murderers of her father to justice.


As a child Irina fell in with her rough-and-tumble half-brother, Sandor, and learned swordplay instead of courtly manners. They trained with the Orc Kraal, Duke Slava's Master-of-Arms, and caused gleeful havoc in the castle.

Betrothed to the lustful Duke Gerhart of the Wolf duchy, Irina was attacked on their wedding night. Reacting more like a warrior than a maiden, she wounded him severely and was thrown into his dungeons. Out of pride she would have died there, had Sandor not come to her rescue.


Sandor is the bastard child of Duke Slava Griffin and his first love, the beautiful lady Elisabeth. A political burden since birth, he soon became a troublemaker, and found an outlet for his frustration and anger alongside his father’s master-of-arms… the Orc, Kraal. Standing up for his family during a feud with his father’s neighbor, Gerhart, the Duke of the Wolf, Sandor will be exiled from the Holy Empire. Kraal will lead him to his original homeland: the savage Pao islands.


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