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'Gentleman M/V' - Psy back again!

Psy, the South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, record producer and television personality, provided us with "Gangnam Style" has released its sequel on Youtube just a while back! Gentleman M/V, as the sequel named is already available to watch and has been added below for the readers!

Park Jae-sang a South Korean pop star, better known by his stage name Psy, provided us with the worldwide phenomenon "Gangnam Style" in 2012. The K-pop single from Psy's album "PSY 6(Six Rules), Part 1" took the world into Oppa style storm. That Korean single alone with its visual appeal and music became viral all over the world wide web. The language was no bar and within no time it became "Most viewed video on Youtube". Currently Gangnam Style has over 1.5 billion Youtube views and growing. But that statistics is nothing but the trailer of what happened worldwide. The song got translated in most of the languages. The dance has been adapted in innumerable ways and overall made it an unprecedented worldwide phenomenon.

"Gentleman M/V" the sequel from the official channel of PSY is obviously highly expected to take on the same appeal as its predecessor.

That being said Gentleman M/V is not Gangnam Style. PSY is still same. But oh well I for one find it hard to believe that another number within so few days can beat Oppa even if it is provided by that same PSY. The song can already be seen below or from the official youtube channel (Link: PSY official Youtube channel ).

"Gentleman M/V" image Gallery:

  • Gentleman Music Video at .NeXT screenshot 1
  • Gentleman Music Video at .NeXT screenshot 2
  • Gentleman Music Video at .NeXT screenshot 3
  • Gentleman Music Video at .NeXT screenshot 4
  • Gentleman Music Video at .NeXT screenshot 5

Gentleman M/V as a song has been around for some time now. But without a video it had almost no international appeal other than being something from PSY. After the song is released the attention is predictably huge. Psy held his exclusive concert "Happening" at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul to release the video version of it officially on 13th April, 2013.

"Gentleman M/V" on Youtube:

The unique style of Psy is already there. The horse riding moves can be missed. But there are those familiar jackets and scratchings! With the lady partner Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in this music video obviously is sexier. The whole "Infinity Challenge" members put to dance the number is something to chuckle about as well. So the comedy is there and the fun is there too. But well it is not Gangnam Style! It took a lifelong time for our internet age to provide one Gangnam Style. Our prediction, people will find it difficult when comparing "Gentleman" with "Gangnam" and may fail to appreciate it as much.

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