Monday, April 8, 2013

Facebook Home for Android

Facebook unveils Facebook Home for Android

As we know every Android phone or tablet has one 'Home' or the first screen that we see after boot up, which contains application drawer, some shortcuts to apps and some fancy widgets. Every phone comes with its own customized home-screen and app drawer, and there are a lots of 3rd party home launchers like Holo launcher, Nova launcher, AWD launcher, Go launcher etc. available in Google Play store. Till now, we had to use Facebook widget in home-screen to get the update feeds. But the days are changing. Facebook has unveiled a totally new concept of social networking in Android mobiles, called the 'Facebook Home' where the whole home-screen is oriented around Facebook and social networking. Its actually another home launcher like the 3rd party ones, but its totally 'social.' First it will be available preinstalled on HTC First™. Other models like HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II can download form Google Play Store. Although Facebook has not officially released it for other models, but thanks to some leaked beta version, its available for all Android device. But at the time the leaked version is lacking some features and not working in low resolution devices. 

The USP of the Facebook Home is it puts all your friends and chats and notification updates right onto the home screen, You don't have to open the Facebook app every time to see the updates, or open the Facebook chat app to send a message to a friend. You can see the updates right on the home screen and chat right away. 

Interestingly, like the app drawer icon of the conventional launcher, there is a small round picture of you on the bottom of the home screen. Drag and drop it on the messenger, and the messenger opens, just like the old launchers.
And there is an app launcher too to open other apps. 
In a nut shell, it is going to be the mother and father of social networking revolution in Android mobiles. Lets keep our eyes and ear open for the revolution to come.

But.... (well there is a but?)

Continuously updating the feeds and chat and all stuffs on the home-screen will definitely eat up more data bandwidth and also juice up more battery.
We don't have clear knowledge if this home supports any widgets at all. There are lots and lots of other important apps which need widgets for better functioning (and visually aesthetic too).
Most of the newer phones have enough powerful hardware, then why limit the official support to only a few devices? 
And last, but not the least, too much social networking is injurious to your real life. (ha ha ha.....  pun intended, please don't take it seriously)

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