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Dust 514

Dust 514 is a free-to-play first-person shooter that's being incorporated into the EVE universe, acting essentially an action MMO for consoles. The game offers a mix of first-person shooting and real-time strategy gameplay where you play as a marine with a rifle running around on the ground. It's not only set in the EVE universe, it's actually connected to EVE. The Dust battlefields will determine who controls territory within EVE's world. The EVE Online players will have to contract players of Dust to go in and destabilize territory.

Release Date: TBA 2013
Platform(s): PlayStation 3 / PS Vita
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publishers: CCP, Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: CCP
Official Site:


Dust 514 takes place in a cluster of stars far from mankind’s original habitat, planet Earth. How far away, and whether or not that cradle of civilization still exists, is a mystery. Humans arrived through a natural wormhole and, gazing up upon an alien sky they had never seen, were completely unable to determine where this new world was located. From the New Eden solar system, where the gate of EVE once led to the old world, humans expanded in all directions at a furious pace, exploring and colonizing rapidly.

Then, unexpectedly and seemingly unprovoked, the EVE gate collapsed in an apocalyptic catastrophe of a scale never before witnessed by the human race, ruining the New Eden system in the process. Thousands of small colonies were left in complete isolation to fend for themselves, cut off from the old world. For millennia they endured, clinging to the brink of extinction, and only a handful managed to survive.

Of those that lasted, five were to rise up and become the major empires that, between them, hold the balance of power in the world of Dust 514. Today, they are known as the Amarr Empire, the Gallente Federation, the Caldari State, the Minmatar Republic and the Jovian Directorate.


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The Amarr Empire is a vast star empire that controls more regions of the New Eden cluster than any of the other core empires. The Amarr began aggressively expanding beyond the confines of their home star system over 2,000 years ago, conquering and enslaving several races in a crusade known as the Reclaiming, before encountering the Gallente Federation and the Jove Empire. A disastrous attempt to invade the Jove Empire triggered a rebellion by Minmatar slaves, resulting in the formation of the Minmatar Republic and the loss of some territory.

The Amarr Empire, together with satellite states the Ammatar Mandate and Khanid Kingdom, remains a vast and powerful empire, compelled by its religion and feudal structure to dominate others. The other empires, even its ally the Caldari State, keep a careful eye on this giant lest they be caught up in a new eruption of the Reclaiming.


The Caldari State was born in war, and militarism pervades Caldari society to this day. During the Caldari-Gallente War, the Caldari were forced to leave their homeworld and found a new state many star systems distant. The leading powers in the new order were the megacorporations and from its very inception the Caldari State was a corporate state. The combination of corporate power, a strong martial tradition and a deeply-felt sense of injustice at their exile led the Caldari to rapidly build a new empire to rival those of the Amarr and Gallente.

The relatively small fleets of the Caldari State rapidly became known for their advanced technology and ruthlessness in pursuit of their objectives. Constant low-level, and occasionally intense, corporate warfare between the "Big Eight" megacorps fuelled the Caldari's internal arms race and bred a pool of efficiently implacable soldiers. More importantly, although the corporate blocs rarely lose an opportunity to profit at the expense of one another, the Caldari will always unite against external threats.


The Gallente Federation is one of the largest star empires ever to be seen in the New Eden cluster, surpassed in volume only by the vast realms of the Amarr Empire. Yet even though its many regions are patrolled by a large and powerful navy, the Federation is governed by the consent of its peoples. Remarkably, the Gallente and their partners in the Federation founded and expanded their empire according to the principles of democracy. Additionally, the Federation has done much to enhance the standard of life of all the peoples living within its borders, including migrants and exiles from other empires.

The Federation might seem to be the one pure beacon of freedom and justice in New Eden. Yet its history is not without dark episodes. Gallente Ultra-Nationalism seized power during the turbulent period leading up to the Caldari-Gallente War and contributed significantly to the embittering nature of that conflict. The Gallente government has sometimes displayed authoritarian tendencies, suppressing independence movements and exiling dissidents. Federation foreign policy is viewed with a jaded eye even by their Minmatar allies. Amarr and Caldari opinions on Gallente interventionism are rarely expressed in terms suitable for polite company. The vastness of the Federation includes poverty, criminality and outright depravity in its sweep. In the end though, it is a free society where success is conceivable for every citizen.


The Minmatar Republic is a society weighed down with a tragic and terrible history that remains alive in the present. Centuries ago, the Minmatar peoples lived in a confederation of tribes that had managed to achieve the basics of space flight, explored their home system and even begun to reach out to other stars. This progress was halted abruptly by the arrival in the Minmatar home system, Pator, of the Amarr Empire's slaver fleets. The Amarr initially contented themselves with frequent raids that gathered up millions of slaves from the technologically outclassed Minmatar nation. These raids ended when the Amarr Empire, acting on the religious imperative of their Reclaiming doctrine, launched a full-scale invasion and conquered all the Minmatar worlds, enslaving the entire race in the process.

The entire race remained enslaved until the historic battle of Vak'Atioth, when an Amarr invasion fleet was defeated by the mysterious and powerful Jove Empire. The shock of this defeat swept through the Amarr Empire and served as a spur for the gathering forces of the Minmatar resistance. Almost as one, the Minmatar rose against their masters in what would become known as "the Great Rebellion". Still reeling from their defeat at the hands of the Jove, the Amarr were unable to quell the rebellion and gave ground before Minmatar strike forces that attacked them with near suicidal fury. The outcome was the wholesale ejection of the Amarr occupation forces from Minmatar space and the foundation of the Minmatar Republic.

:Game Types:


In Ambush, two teams of mercenaries fight to deplete the available clone reserves of the other team within the alloted time. If the mission timer expires before a team is eliminated, the team with the most available clones will be deemed victorious.

Ambush OMS (On-Map Support)

Two teams of mercenaries will fight to the death, each team attempting to deplete the available clone reserves of the other team within the alloted mission time. As the battle progresses, off-map support in the form of turrets and other assets will be dropped from orbit onto the battlefield to assist whichever side is able to claim them. If the mission timer expires before a team is eliminated, the team with the most available clones will be deemed victorious.


Two teams vie for control of a designated planetary location by destroying the enemy Mobile Command Center(MCC) in the area while protecting their own. By capturing and maintaining control of NULL cannon installation components, a team is able to increase the amount of damage done to the enemy MCC. The more NULL cannons held, the faster the enemy MCC takes damage. The battle is over when either one of the MCCs is destroyed or when one team no longer has any available clones.

:Vehicle Module:

Vehicle modules are interchangeable hardware components that enhance or otherwise alter the functionality of the vehicle they are fitted to. There are two types vehicle modules; High-Powered Modules and Low-Powered Modules. Of the two types, vehicle modules are divided into 7 categories:

Turret Upgrades


Handheld weapons are a key part of any multiplayer shooter and DUST 514™ is no exception. Players are able to use different classes of weapon in different load-outs so that they can make meaningful tactical choices and respond to changing situations on the field of battle. There are three basic weapon classes: sidearms, light weapons and heavy weapons.

Grenades are powerful handheld explosives carried by all classes. The power and purpose of each grenade varies. Some are great for taking out shields or armor while other are designed to home in and destroy vehicles.

Locus Grenades
Flux Grenades
AV Grenades


Often overlooked, sidearms are very dangerous weapons in the right hands. Commonly used as backup weapons by frontline assault troops, they come in to their own when providing a close range infantry combat solution for players in highly specialized roles (such as those using heavy weapons). A favorite option is the CAR-9 Scrambler pistol.

This Amarr weapon, whilst hindered by a low ammunition count, is extremely high on power. Accurate shots with the CAR-9 will tear through shields and armor. It is particularly effective when striking the head due to its high damage output and the thinner armor plating in that area. Submachineguns provide an alternative fully-automatic weapon choice bridging the gap between backup and primary weapons.

Flaylock Pistols
Scrambler Pistols
Submachine Guns
Nova Knives


Light weapons are a commonplace on the battlefield and for many players the light class will be their primary offensive weapon. The Gallente G75-VLB Plasma Assault Rifle is the perfect example of this. A solid all-purpose weapon, effective at short to medium ranges it is very flexible and comes in a number of variants: standard, breach, tactical and specialist.

This flexibility allows the player to select the style that best suits them: trading fully automatic fire for targeted bursts, and lower rates of fire for increased accuracy over range amongst a variety of other benefits and trade-offs. Alternative light weapons include the Mass Driver, Plasma Shotgun and Sniper Rifle.

Assault Rifles
Laser Rifles
Mass Drivers
Scrambler Rifles
Sniper Rifles
Swarm Launchers


Heavy Weapons are a different animal altogether. They can only be wielded by those skilled enough to use heavy dropsuits which immediately makes them a more specialized choice. They also tend to utilize a high amount of dropsuit power grid and CPU systems making them unsuitable if you favor a more “generalist” approach to your weapon and equipment load out. They are however devastating in the right hands.

Nowhere is the power of heavy weapons more evident than in the DCMA S-1 Forge Gun. This Caldari built ordnance is an incredibly powerful anti-material weapon with only one purpose, engaging and destroying hostile Heavy Attack Vehicles, a job at which it excels. Alternative heavy weapons include the Heavy Machine Gun.

Forge Guns
Heavy Machine Guns


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